Waiting for pop music to die

Pop music today is beige! It’s harmless and unoriginal and I’m sick of it! Now before you go into some stupid rant of how I’m just an old guy complaining about kids of today, let me just say this… This is not some old-man-bitching about the state of affairs. I’m hit with WTF when they play Dub Step in the narrow streets of central Copenhagen, with a feeling of dread that any minute now either my eardrums or the windows are gonna burst, but I’m never shocked by neither pop nor rock. It’s simply too dull!
Pop music today is full of an underage fuck-me attitude, like a grown child who just had it’s first erection and is swinging it around proudly for everyone to see. It’s beyond Lolita. It has entered into a realm of polluted, smarmy self-righteousness, rubbing it’s greedy palms, with a look on it’s face like the creepy uncle who’ve just fucked the neighbor’s twelve-year-old and gotten away with it.
Who believes Miley Cyrus when she sings about love? It seems easier for other, older women (and men) to reverberate with my range of emotions, but with Cyrus I hear nothing except computerized soullessness. I simply don’t buy her version of love. I don’t think it is the same as mine. In fact, what is love when you’re the daughter of a prostitute?.. and I’m not talking about her mom!
It sounds phony when she sings of love. It sounds the same when she sings of partying. I’d believe her if she sang about what it is like to wake up in a pool of your own vomit, with disgrace etched on your face, eyes hot with tears, nose burning from snorting coke, unable to erase the memory of the degrading routines your manager has put your through, but I don’t for even for the length of a split pubic hair believe her lyrics of love and affection.
Pop music today is a plane waiting to crash. Talent shows and Disney is at the wheel. Once in a while you hear the engine stutter and come back to life but only for the briefest of moments before it shuts itself off again. It will probably be over when the last of the four giant music labels have cannibalized the others, but for now it’s still alive and it’s a fucking disgrace.
Oh yeah, I just got another letter of rejection. This time it was some guy at GLmusic in Copenhagen who complimented my songwriting skills and then said he had no use for them. Either he is a fucking liar or he is just unsuited for the job. He is one of many gatekeepers who is entrusted with the privilege to help facilitate the flow of talent from outside the music industry to the network of talent within. He didn’t test me. He didn’t challenge me. He didn’t guide me. He didn’t connect me. He didn’t make suggestions. He just rejected me. What a fucking waste of time!

Business as usual

I just finished buying a piece of furniture for my sound studio. I’m not sure what it’s called in english, but it will be a device that elevates the table on which my computer is placed. It will allow me work while standing up, and make it easier for me to move around from instrument to microphone to computer without having to sit down. I just work faster when I can move around unhindered.

I spoke with a couple of companies while looking for the product – the producer of this particular model was unavailable, no phone number, only an email address. Most distributors had issues with delivery, but I found two companies who had the product available. One of them gave the better offer – cheaper and no cost of delivery – Yes, please!

I’ll stray for a minute… As I try to build my company I become aware of the divide that exist between the corporate and private spheres. In most cases in my everyday life, everything I need is delivered to some place near where I live. I don’t have to travel very far to find ordinary stuff like food, clothes, tools, furniture, etc. It’s all within arms reach – literally. Things like food and clothes are produced and distributed by thousands of companies. If one company have problems, we rarely notice it because other foods and clothes will still be available for us. We might notice the big brands, but really if a couple of them went away it wouldn’t matter because so many other brands are alive and well. It would have very little impact on our daily lives. One might even argue that the dynamics of everyday life would be improved if a handful of brands died annually… as long as new companies and brands are formed and allowed to grow. To grasp what I’m talking about, think of how precious and insane life is in it’s cycle between birth and death. Now think of how restricted and stale life would be if no one died… if no one dies, our One-Planet-Existence would require tremendous population control… just like todays businesses that requires damage control.

Back to the subject at hand… The elevation-apparatus that I wanted is out of the ordinary. It has to be specially ordered. This is the divide I’m talking about. Everyday stuff is all around us, but special items have only one producer… and loads of distributors. Some companies – like Apple – control the prices of their product, while others don’t. This company doesn’t, and I went with the cheapest of their distributors one. I had to call the first distributor to tell them that they needn’t order the device, because I had found it elsewhere, at a cheaper price. As the guy hung up, I could hear the loathing in his voice for wasting his time. It shocked me a bit, but I decided not to call him up on it. It was nothing personal. Another company had a better price, thats all.