Infrequent flyer

I took a weekend trip to Norway to visit my husband who is currently acting out his talents on the National Theatre in Oslo… that is not what this is about.

At Copenhagen Airport a woman from the watch staff confiscated my can of Nivea – the classic blue one. I asked her why that was necessary, and she answered that it was due to reasons of security. I didn’t pursue the matter any further, although I wanted to… any of you readers who have ever been to Copenhagen Airport knows that the check-in leads straight to the Gate of Stench aka. the perfume/booze gift shop. The cow robbed me according to the rules, whilst in my line of sight was all the ingredients needed to make myself a Molotov Cocktail. I saw bottles of vodka. I saw bundle packs of cigarette lighters. I saw boxes of tissues… I also walked straight towards an advertisement for Nivea, the makers of the can of lotion that just got legally snatched by a member of the security personel. I hope she finds good use for it, although there is not enough lotion in the world to make that thieving, haggard bitch any smoother.

Infrequent flyer/pissed off customer

Thomas Haardell


Whoosh – anger begone!

At work I am constantly whirled into silent fits of rage, where I want to throw things and break stuff. I keep it inside because I have no outlet for anger at work. Usually it shows up when I’m confronted with other people’s defective systems… and at work they are abundant. Every fix seems to me like a badly chosen patch which only slightly deals with the original problem while opening the doors for a fresh batch of shit.

It is getting increasingly difficult dealing with people that are supposedly better educated than me – at least on paper – which I usually respect – but some of their decisions are just half-baked, half-assed, half-brained fuck-uppetry.

Whoosh! What do people do when they don’t have the tools – like my writing – to dissipate their anger? Throw stuff?