I hate HIV! There, I said it.

HIV has frightened me my entire adult life. I know it’s out there just waiting for me to slip and make a mistake. People I have known have gotten infected and a small handful of them have even died… well, of course none of them have died from HIV because that is not the way the infection works. HIV is not a killer, but it IS the greatest disease-enabler of them all. With HIV your body is open to any infection possible and how that used to work resulted in the death of everybody who had the infection.

Death was certain.

Medications was invented! It took many trials and errors to find the right combination of poison to sustain the infected. I call it poison judged from the apparent liquid shit storm which a human being’s daily excavation of waste is turned into. Constant diarrhea kills more people world wide than HIV does, but being “healthy” and having diarrhea apparently seemed like the better alternative.

Death was uncertain.

People survive with gaunt features and bellies big and taut. Steroids saves the body in a way by increasing muscle mass but it does not save the face of the infected. Gift givers and bug chasers are born. Bare back sex is now a thing. The death of the future becomes the party of today. Why only use poison for treatment? Why not use poison for recreation? Why not embrace the culture of the infected. Why not dance and fuck the night away? Everyone dies but I alone decide how I live!

Death is for some other time.

Radioactive tattoos tells a story if you know what to listen for. Men are now PREPared for the life they want to live. We take poison to look strong. We take poison to avoid infection. We take poison to dance until sunrise. We take poison to stay hard. What should have been a culture free of decease and full of love becomes a culture full of sex and and unsung emotions. The beat is hard all through the night. The cocks stay erect all through the night. We never talk about love.

Death is so far removed even life seems out of sight.

When do gay men start talking about how it affects us as a group to have the threat of death and disfiguration hiding under our beds?


As tall as a woman

In the ever-present, never-ending debate on female politics, I wanna add my two cents. I think women possess one of the most potent human inventions ever… the heel! They can at will, if the budget allows, increase their height by a sizable amount of inches. Fashion apart, what women achieve by becoming a taller version of themselves must be a boost of self-confidence of a high caliber. Men would kill for this tool! There are so many men pained with height-issues which are based on an outer perception of what a man must look like to call himself a man, just as there are similar appearance-issues amongst women. But men cannot wear heels because women wears heels, and a man is only a man if he is not a woman… and we all know that it is women who wears heels. You have this tool all to your self, so please use it with wisdom and grace.


A man.

How to create money out of nothing.

Lets do a little thought experiment, shall we?

Lets say that I want to borrow 5000 from my bank.

You also want to borrow 5000 from your bank.

The banks are not the same bank, and right now its not really important what their names are. For now lets just settle for calling it my bank and your bank.

My bank doesn’t lend me their own money. Instead they take out a loan in your bank.

Your bank does the same thing. They take out a loan in my bank.

Both You and I now have 5.000 in our individual accounts.

What about the banks?

My bank owes your bank 5000, and your bank owes my bank 5000.

These numbers kinda cancel each other out, don’t they?

If I owed You 5000 and You owed me 5000, we wouldn’t owe each other anything, would we?

This must leave the banks at an even balance towards each other. But You and I still owe the banks the money they lent us.

When You and I pay back the money we owe – 5000 from both of us – even without interests, the banks would have created money at a value of 10.000… out of nothing.

Does this happen?

If it does… is it legal?


I’m making the attempt to define how I want to run my business. Mine is still just operated by a single individual – me – and it exist amongst literally millions of other businesses. I have to look at what other people do to figure out how to do it myself.
As an former employee of EB-Games – Later, after the merger, GameStop – I learned about the FIFO model. It wasn’t a part of any curriculum, my Area Manager just happened to blurt it out one day. As he was guiding me through some new guidelines for applying advertisement based merchandise in the store I was managing. He said I had to throw out old stuff to make room for the new. Easy lesson. One that that I already knew. Old posters were taken down. New posters were hung up. First In – First Out… FIFO
I learned that the way the company treated actual products was almost the same as how they treated advertisement. Old games were sold out on purpose to make room for new titles. This was necessary of course, because in the games industry, like in many other sales based industries, only new items has any interest… those are the only products which customers buy in sufficient quantities to keep the chain of stores afloat.
As operations revolve around a constant cycle of new products, it specializes itself to a point where it cannot longer exist outside the cycle. It becomes dependent on the cycle and when the cyclic motion decreases in speed, which it inevitably will because no cycle is constant, the company is effected negatively.
I cannot allow myself to be dependent on a First In – First Out principle. The model needs to be improved. I will try an evolved principle, and I will call it the RIWO model. Random In – Worst Out.
In a fresh cycle that coexist around the initial cycle of business, like a moon around a planet, this flow of new personnel and new stock will be added to the business. It will be, like the moon, a force of gravity that continuously pull in the dynamics of the company. Fresh flow adds new ideas and new way of doing things and some of these additions will prove worthwhile.
When a group of people are comfortable as they are, amount wise and task wise, the inflow of recruitment to that group will stop. Only when said group of people are strong enough to acknowledge themselves as a team, will they be managed. It won’t be management viewed with twentieth century optics. It won’t be a management of personnel, but a management of information. The manager will be a courier – an information specialist who makes sure that the ideas and products of the team are easily accessible to every other member of the company.
If the team fails, the members of the team will be added to the natural rotation of new additions in the company. They stay, but the get to prove once more that they are worth keeping while on a minimum wage. New entries must prove themselves on a minimum wage. No exceptions. One of the most debilitating problems in companies today is that people are receiving high salaries even when they’ve stopped earning them.
This part – disintegration followed by immediate reintegration – won’t work without some measure of counterbalance. On it’s own, it’s too harsh. An employee can reach a Protected Position where creativity no longer is the main drive, but experience and culture. Protected Positions are only for the worthy – the ones who makes the company a better place for employees to thrive.
I’m a little torn on the last paragraph I want to add – how to place responsibility. Mistakes that cause actual property damage can be placed on individuals, but what about mistakes that only cause financial damage? Will that be the responsibility of the upper managements, and not individual employees? I can’t predict how much of an outcome this has. Need to reflect on it some more.
Tell me what You think.

Worldwide spanking

I was talking to a friend, and the subject fell on the financial crisis. I compared it to a worldwide spanking. Not a spanking that we wanted, but one we desperately needed.

I’ve spent too many years unaware of how my society works, just existing while not being a part of it. A bit of regret creeps onto me, and with no way to change what has happened, I just have to make amends, prevent myself from making the same mistakes and learn all I can about finance and the banking industry, and consumerism and the production industry.

I’m not the only one learning and I’m excited about the prospect of belonging to a society that slowly but increasingly becomes self aware. Gone are the days of being led like a cattle to slaughter.