I snatched the Soft Spot

A friend of mine noted that for a guy who writes music, I almost never blog about my work. I wasn’t sure how to reply.

I’ve never really achieved any of my goals with my songs except one… I insist on learning new tools as I go along instead of just doing the same thing over and over, and I feel that has been achieved. Actually, not achieving my goals is a bit of a stretch, cause I did release one album back in 2008 – Arrival – but I’ve never really been particularly proud of what I’ve achieved with it.

I just parted ways with my band. We used to call ourselves Snatch, and after a couple of years of being poorly named after a woman’s genitals we changed our name to Blødpunkt, which means Soft Spot in Danish. That name fit our Goldilocks identity as guys who were neither too hot, nor too boring, but just right!

When I had the break-up talk with the guys, the bass player – Morten – said to me almost as an afterthought: “You’re sure you want to do this… you have a tendency to get excited about things and forget them the week after.”

No-one has said anything like that to me ever. But he is absolutely right. Im always writing new songs but I hardly finish any of them. Always looking for new people to work with, but never sticking around long enough to get the job done.

I’m not sure why I am like that. I enjoy the fulfillment of writing something new. I revel in being inspired. Almost every time I met with the band, we wrote something fresh. I’m  rarely out of material it seems, and what the fuck is wrong with that?

I’m not a good producer… well I’m not a patient one. I hate that in order to make a recording of an instrument sound good, it requires a particular setting in a virtual environment that is so complex and arbitrary that I can make neither head nor tails of it. I hate that afterwards all our efforts revolves around a amateurish sound-recording that doesn’t impress the industry-gatekeepers because they only know style and money. They have no clue of what to do with a demo song that is not yet a finished product, and I get frustrated because I have to juggle other people’s opinions on things that aren’t finished yet. I love working with musicians but I absolutely loathe pleasing businesspeople who really have no clue of what the process of creating music is.

I don’t know if I’m ever gonna have a future in music, but I know this… Since I broke up with my band two weeks ago, I’ve written more songs than I did in several months leading up to it… and again, I have no fucking idea what that means. I dont know which decisions are the right ones… this one just felt right.


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