As tall as a woman

In the ever-present, never-ending debate on female politics, I wanna add my two cents. I think women possess one of the most potent human inventions ever… the heel! They can at will, if the budget allows, increase their height by a sizable amount of inches. Fashion apart, what women achieve by becoming a taller version of themselves must be a boost of self-confidence of a high caliber. Men would kill for this tool! There are so many men pained with height-issues which are based on an outer perception of what a man must look like to call himself a man, just as there are similar appearance-issues amongst women. But men cannot wear heels because women wears heels, and a man is only a man if he is not a woman… and we all know that it is women who wears heels. You have this tool all to your self, so please use it with wisdom and grace.


A man.


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