Thunderfuck 5000

This fierce bitch is one of my favorites from RuPaul’s Drag Race – the television reality show. The editing for her latest video is quite professionally done, but the music produced is as fucked up terrible as any of the other contestants. Six seasons in and NO-ONE has been able to procure sufficient talent to make a single high-quality pop song. I write better songs than anyone on the show… Just saying.  I don’t do drag so I’m not eligible, but how about a little teamwork? CO-O-PUR-RATION! Hit me up for some sweet tunes. I promise you… I write songs that that will stick in your eardrums much longer than the current assault of bullshit EDM tomfuckery.

This link will take you to Pandora Boxx’ website where Alaska’s video is shown. Apparently Boxx is the reigning queen of online drag gossip.


So. It seems that one song managed to drag itself out of mediocrity… at least until it’s second verse begins, which is just fucking terrible.


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