Worldwide spanking

I was talking to a friend, and the subject fell on the financial crisis. I compared it to a worldwide spanking. Not a spanking that we wanted, but one we desperately needed.

I’ve spent too many years unaware of how my society works, just existing while not being a part of it. A bit of regret creeps onto me, and with no way to change what has happened, I just have to make amends, prevent myself from making the same mistakes and learn all I can about finance and the banking industry, and consumerism and the production industry.

I’m not the only one learning and I’m excited about the prospect of belonging to a society that slowly but increasingly becomes self aware. Gone are the days of being led like a cattle to slaughter.


One thought on “Worldwide spanking

  1. Some say the crisis is about to happen, in reality it already is here. What will happen will be an opportunity to explore new ideas and attitudes. Those that won’t change when the paradigm shift happens will be destroyed, those that adapt will be the winners in the new reality that will come.

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